Redus lawsuit takes away public’s voice

Editor, The Commercial

Mayor Redus has sunk to an all-time low, by filing a lawsuit to stop the mayoral election in November.

Eight other people have started their campaigns, spent their money, and their supporters’ money in the hopes of putting Pine Bluff on a different course than this downhill slide of lost population, closing businesses, boarded-up buildings, rising crime and high unemployment.

We attribute this to the poor leadership of our current mayor. His only vision seems to be tyranny. He micromanges every aspect of every department in city government. Why do we have department heads if they are not allowed to use their own judgment to run that department.

What can we do to stop him from stealing our right to vote in November? Being outraged is not going to do it. Protesting and speaking our minds are ignored. We’re not allowed to speak up at council meetings unless it is on his agenda and then allowed only two minutes.

Every incident of wrong doing on his part is swept under the rug, like the questionable firing of our police chief, John Howell. The people that were there to stand up for Mr. Howell who were not allowed into city hall. His bringing in of Brenda Davis-Jones to run our police department. His doing away with our civil service commission. He states that he doesn’t have to speak to the press because he is the mayor of Pine Bluff. Does that make him above other people?

This is my home, but I will not live under tyranny!

It is a sad state of affairs when he has to more or less steal the office without giving the citizens a voice in our rightful election.

Mary Jo McCord

Pine Bluff