Redfield reader sets the record straight

I am writing this letter, in response to recent articles regarding speculations of my involvement in the recall petition for Tony Lawhon, Mayor of the City of Redfield.

  • I sincerely love the City of Redfield, and our good citizens, and I have a very strong desire for what is best for both.
  • My priorities are to our City and to do my best job to address any deficiencies in our regulations and practices so we can correct them.
  • My priorities are also to our good citizens, and it is my duty, and sincere desire, to be their voice and represent what they expect from our government.
  • I am a strong promoter of change. Without change, we cannot prosper and grow, provided they are changes that will accomplish the goals of the citizens, our government and encourage harmony.
  • I did not circulate the petition.
  • I signed the petition for several reasons.
  • The City Council is the governing body. Some decisions, put in place by majority vote of the Council, have been ignored by the Mayor, and other vital actions were taken by the Mayor without obtaining input or approval from the Council.
  • The Mayor has directly threatened me, and the last threat was that he would make sure I did not get re-elected. His speculations and comments were merely an attempt to tarnish my reputation to accomplish that and take the attention off of his actions that are being questioned by a lot of our citizens.
  • · I vow to our citizens that I will always ask questions, be open and honest, I will always voice my opinion, based upon their input, and I also vow that I will not lie!

Brenda Carmical