Reader tells mayor to ‘hang in there’

Editor, The Commercial:

Once upon a time there was a group of people (about 50,000), and almost half of them decided to seek a better outlook for their community. In order to do that, they had to get into a boat and cross a river. While attempting to cross the river; five individuals became very bitter and upset with the boat captain who was trying like “H” to row the boat. Ironically, none of the five had absolutely any idea how to row the boat. They continued to create chaos within the group and no one noticed the boat was sinking. The captain saw the leak and said to three of the rowdy individuals: “Let’s team up and stop this boat from taking on water.” Then the three replied; “Let it sink because we don’t have any leak-stopping skills, and you weren’t our choice for captain anyway.”

The captain pleaded with the three but to no avail. The three said collectively: “we know the boat is going to sink but we’ve decided on a new direction, down, even if it drowns us all!” The other two knuckleheads also chimed in and said “we’re with those three because we don’t have any leak-stopping capabilities either, but we can talk a good game to try and keep the rest of the group confused.”

All of a sudden, several others in the group joined the captain and devised a plan to fix the leak in the boat. Everyone crossed the river, prospered, and lived happily ever after. Oh, yeah, before the boat made it to land, the rest of the group teamed up and threw the five chaotic individuals overboard. (I wonder who those five individuals were) HANG IN THERE MAYOR!

Jeff Edwards