Reader seeks safe return of dog

On July 1, we rescued a dog and her seven puppies from a vacant house located at the Corner of Gross and Young streets. Two of the neighbors said she had been on her own since she was a pup…. very skinny and frightened of people. After being at my house for two weeks, she realized that I was okay and would not hurt her.

On July 19, my husband took her to Animal Hospital on Olive Street for a checkup and medicine. Going in the vet’s office, the heavy traffic on Olive scared her. She was able to get out of her collar and ran off. She was last seen at First Presbyterian Church located at 717 W. 32nd.

She is black with brown markings on her face, medium in size and her front paw is crooked, causing her to limp.

She is gentle but will not come to you. If you see her, please offer her food and water and call one of the numbers listed below.

543-0170, 534-1419,543-0435 or 692-2789

Reward for her return.

Carolyn Simmons

Pine Bluff