Prayer, paddling a road to return to peace

What is time-out? I can remember when kids did not get put in time-out. It was called a “butt whooping.” It was not a whipping but a WHOOPING, and that is putting it lightly. But it did not kill us. Just think about it: The majority of these mass killings are at the hands of kids born in the “time-out generation.” This is the generation when spankings at schools were outlawed and kids calling “SCAN” on their parents was the norm. You never heard of such stupidity when teachers used the paddle, and parents used the belt, extension cord, or whatever was in arm’s reach to ensure discipline.

The three “p’s” in schools: prayer, paddling and parental discipline have now been replaced with police, pistols and a poor level of respect. The whooping wasn’t about getting bad grades but having a disrespect for others, especially those in authority. Nowadays kids can go to their room, lock their parents out, and the next thing they know, little Johnny has built a bomb right under their noses. No child should have that much privacy unless they are making a contribution to the household bills.

It begins with the parents. Parents must instill a sense of respect in their children. The best way to do that is through a strict from of discipline (a good ole butt whooping). Put prayer and paddling back in schools and that puts us on a road to peace. No social programs or child psychologists have the answers and jails are too comfortable. Let’s stop sugar coating this issue and start being realistic. “Time-out” as a form of discipline is stupid. Read Proverbs 13:24, and 23:13. It’s time-out for sparing the rod. If not, we’ll just keep going to more senseless funerals.

Jeff Edwards