Parent supports WC millage increase

Communities that support public education thrive. As a Watson Chapel School District resident and proud mom of a first-grader, I know what’s at stake if we ignore the condition of our schools, particularly Edgewood Elementary where my daughter attends.

Edgewood is over 50 years old, every classroom has a door that opens to the exterior of the building, and the large wooded area behind the school is problematic for security. Aside from safety issues, navigating the morning and afternoon traffic is a grueling task for parents and neighbors.

I want my community to be a great place for families to live, work and receive a quality education. We can increase the quality of life for all citizens by voting yes in the May 14 special election to build a new, safe and healthy elementary school. A new school will increase property values, create a safer environment and neighborhood, help Watson Chapel remain competitive with surrounding schools and most importantly ensure our children are receiving a quality education. Please join me in voting yes.

Sarah Phillips

Pine Bluff