New pharmacy doesn’t honor old prescription plan

Editor, The Commercial:

Someone who reads this probably has to have a prescription filled occasionally. You most likely want to get the most for your money. Many people are flocking to the new Walgreens Pharmacy on 28th Avenue. It’s a nice place. You should visit and check out the bargains.

In advertising, the company invited customers of the now-closed USA Drugs across the street to transfer their prescriptions. Everything would continue as the same, they said. You should be aware, though, that at this point the pharmacy does not honor the $4 Walmart prescription plan as USA Drug did. Consequently, a prescription I had filled on February 22 increased by $25. It’s not the fault of management on the local level. You need to share this with your friends. When enough people wise up and business declines, the wealthy CEOs may change their minds.

Bobby Lamb

Pine Bluff