Majewska, Stradley earn kudos

Brava and Bravo to Kathy Majewska and Jack Stradley for their ongoing commitment to Pine Bluff and its future. First, it was the restoration of their lovely home on 5th Ave.and now it is their dream to restore and reopen the Community Theater, thereby returning legitimate theater to a community sorely lacking in live theatrical and musical productions. But their dream doesn’t end there; Kathy and Jack have recently purchased property adjacent to the theater which they plan to open as fine dining restaurants to serve patrons both before and after theater events. How exciting is that!

How wonderful it is that there are people in Pine Bluff like Kathy and Jack and others who have not given in to the naysayers and haters who espouse only negativism and doom, insisting that Pine Bluff is dead,never to return to past glory.

Kathy and Jack and their Old Town Theatres Centre offer an option. For the past several months, they have been presenting dinner theater productions at Pine Bluff Country Club, with entertainment ranging from country, jazz and Broadway music to comedy and magic. The next production, scheduled for May 4th is Bobby Brooks Wilson, a fine musician with a southern soul flavor, and also the son of legendary singer, Jackie Wilson.

We have an opportunity and an obligation to support this effort to return music, theater, arts, entertainment, and fine dining options to our city. If Pine Bluff it to thrive, to regain its luster of yesteryear, then we all need to support efforts such as this to revitalize our city and make it a place in which we are proud to live.

Bob Nichols