Living up to one’s responsibility

Editor, The Commercial:

I am pleased that we have women’s shelters for abused women and children. I am NOT pleased that they are needed! If their abusers were put on a chain gang for the first offense, perhaps there’d be less need.

I read of so much that is said to be given ” free” to the needy. I’m thankful for the generous hearts of the donors. NOW, what I think is needed is that the recipients be made aware that they owe it to the American people to strive mightily to help themselves. And then to do the same charitable helping toward others, because in REALITY, NOTHING IS FREE. Someone did pay for whatever was given.

It’s time for ministers to teach from their pulpits that if a man impregnates a woman, it is his duty to support that child! And if you choose not to do so, then it’s time for a judge to put you on that chain gang until you learn to bear your responsibilities properly.

The lady didn’t get pregnant alone!

When we expect and require again that men conduct themselves in a responsible manner and bare their duties as fathers and providers properly, we will again be on the proper approach to a livable society. And when they choose not to do so, we have a RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY to require that they do.

Karl Hansen Hensley