Little city develops a problem with snakes

Editor, The Commercial

Nestled beneath the river banks in the state of Arkansas, there lies within its boarders a certain city with a particular group of people.

Directly in the heart of this little city was murder, mishaps and mayhem. The people referred to these things as a rat problem. So they chose themselves a mayor to get rid of the rat problems. But the mayor ruled with a iron fist and crushed all those who opposed him. So that didn’t work. They also formed a city council, but the council couldn’t agree on anything except the fact that the city was being overrun by rats. So that didn’t work. And they even formed a police force to police the rats. But at the rates of crime in this little city, the rats manifested themselves in every other house. So that didn’t work.

Therefore, the people were resolved on what to do. They blamed the mayor, the mayor blamed the council and the council blamed the police. The whole city was in total chaos and the people cried “bring in the snakes, bring in the snakes.” Finally, the mayor brought in the snakes and got rid of all the rats. However, as foreseen only by the mayor, the little city no longer has a rat problem but it now has a problem with snakes.

Arnice Rogers

Pine Bluff