Life’s much tougher when you’re stupid

Editor, The Commercial:

Our nation now faces the greatest economic challenge and deficit that we have ever known. If it takes money to make money, why does our government want to raise taxes, diverting our nation’s money supply into their hands, thereby decreasing our chances of growing our economy and better enabling us to reduce a deficit?

Doesn’t a bigger government always involve more control over the lives of its citizens?

Has America grown so weak that we now need a keeper instructing us as to what we need, have or must do?

Hasn’t history taught us that socialism and communism are less effective and desirable to capitalism? Isn’t Russia now trying to evolve into capitalism from communism after experiencing decades of a failing economy under the thumb of a large government?

With these challenges and available economic and history lessons, we still have some politicians thinking socialism is the right road to take. Lord help us.

Wasn’t it John Wayne who said: “ Life’s tough; it’s even tougher when you’re stupid?”

Can I get an Amen?

Bob Smithey

Pine Bluff