It’s time for city to see the lights

Editor, The Commercial:

I grew up in Pine Bluff, but I have lived in several different states in my short 46 years. However there is something I only

noticed a few days ago. Pine Bluff is the darkest city I have ever seen. I’m not talking figuratively.

Recently I was driving down 28th Avenue looking for an address. I had to pull into the yard and shine my headlights on the house to read the house numbers. Street lights are few and far between in this city, and no one has porch lights on. And we wonder why we have so much crime.

It has been proven that lights deter criminals. Both our former mayor and our current one think a new police chief is the answer. In Little Rock the state lawmakers seem to think open carry of handguns is the answer. How about some more street lights and oh, yeah, Pine Bluff residents — turn on some lights.

Gregory London

Pine Bluff