Fantasy issues can cloud mayor’s race

Editor, The Commercial:

It’s amazing how mayoral candidate Peter F. Daniels continues to bring up issues that are fantasy, and expects people to get on board with his non-reality ideas.

Does he ever do research, or is it that he’s trying to be mayor without any credible evidence just to get votes from people? Mayor Carl Redus Jr. has nothing to do with the hiring of a Tennessee company’s employees as he doesn’t own the company. So how ridiculous is that?

Mind games are being played just for a vote.

Rev. Jesse Turner stated that the responsibility should fall on the shoulders of the mayor, and the blame on the city council. Where is he getting his information from without research to make sure that he’s stating actual facts? Sounds like a circus is in town along with a comedy show. Oh, lord, you mean to say that there were illegal aliens hired by Sports Floors Inc? What planet did they come from?

Was it Mars, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, etc.? Now here’s the catch: Officer Christopher Wieland assisted Powell in the investigation and reported that immigration authorities stated if the four had no previous criminal history or illegal entry into the country (USA), there was no legal recouse.

The owner of Sports Flooring said that all of his workers are legal. Now the only statement that was accurate by Daniels was when he stated there’s an accountability problem, and that accountability problem was inaccurately made by him. Where is Peter F. Daniels’ actual facts? Oops, he has none, according to immigrations and the owner of Sports Flooring Inc. Case over; Mayor Redus and the city council are not at fault.

Don’t be hoodwinked!

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff