Don’t shop, but adopt your next pet

As many of you who reside in Jefferson County know, stray and unwanted animals are a huge problem. However, it is a very “fixable” problem. The answer is to spay/neuter ALL pets. Many people believe they cannot afford to have their animals sterilized; this is not the case. There are many, many resources across Arkansas for low cost spay and neuter. This is the key to responsible pet ownership.

When animals are allowed to breed continuously, the offspring, more often than not, end up in the wrong hands or the local shelter. This usually DOES NOT end well. They are frequently euthanized for more space. Another very real problem is animal breeders. They breed their animals continuously for profit, not caring what this does to the animal or offspring. There is simply no reason to ever buy a pet when you can adopt pure breed animals from rescues.

There are countless rescues with pure breed dogs and cats all across Arkansas. Simply type in the name of the breed followed by Arkansas Rescue and choose the one that matches your interest. For assistance, with the cost of spay or neuter, contact Arkansans For Animals at (501) 455-5400, website: or email:

And please remember: Don’t shop; ADOPT when looking for your next pet.

Liz Housley

Pine Bluff