Council must do what’s best for city

Editor, The Commercial:

To George Stepps of the Pine Bluff City Council — since it’s virtually impossible to have a conversation with you on the phone, maybe you can shut yourself up long enough to read this. I have talked with my neighbors and friends all over town and we are all in agreement that Jeff Hubanks would make a wonderful addition to our broken police force. It really doesn’t matter if he lives five miles or next door to the police station; it’s whether he is capable of doing the job well. And after only a short time of being on the job, he has been responsible for several drug busts. I think that is one thing we can agree on. Most of the crime in our town is the cause or result of drugs; so getting drugs out would most likely see a reduction in crime.

We have noticed that three aldermen are not interested in the town hall meetings. Could it be that you are afraid that some of your constituents might ask a question of you that you couldn’t answer? These meetings are more relaxed and the fact that we can talk to the people in charge of running our city and that they can be approached and questioned regarding our concerns makes it easier for everyone.

Please consider what is best for our city and not just your personal agenda when voting. Call me a concerned citizen.

Mary Jo McCord

Pine Bluff