The city’s business is the people’s business

Editor, The Commercial:

In 2005 Carl A. Redus Jr. took office as mayor of Pine Bluff.

FACT: There were dilapidated housing, crime and violence, narrow streets having little lighting, no sidewalks in the majority of African American neighborhoods and over 500 miles of open ditches; all still exist.

FACT: When it rains, our streets flood, especially on the north side around the college; they still do.

FACT: The majority of the streets were in dire need of repairs; they still are.

FACT: Mayor Redus has had almost eight years and these problems remain and have gotten worse. More importantly he has failed to produce a plan to bring good-paying jobs here.

FACT: Pine Bluff needs a strong tax base to take care of basic services.

FACT: This city is losing 100 jobs as a result of Entergy leaving, coupled with the Bonanza closing.

FACT: Mayor Redus doesn’t have a plan to replace the lost jobs.

FACT: Downtown looks a mess and Redus doesn’t know what to do. Pine Bluff needs a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for downtown Pine Bluff.

FACT:Poverty is too high and unemployment is the highest in the state; we need new leadership with fresh ideas.

FACT: Mayor Redus had his chance and couldn’t get it done.

FACT: Voting for Redus keeps hurting citizens below poverty and without jobs.

FACT: $5 million worth of firetrucks doesn’t put food on the table.

FACT: Redus violated city Ordinance by hiring department heads who live outside the city limits. Voters, do the right thing, vote Peter Daniels Jr. for Mayor. Peter will respect all council members and will work with them to revitalize the neighborhoods, law enforcement, programs for youngsters and bring jobs back to Pine Bluff.

Rev. Jesse C. Turner

Pine Bluff