Call for responsible pet ownership

“Tethering” is placing a dog on a rope or chain as a permanent means of restraining a dog. It is outlawed by city Ordinance 5831, Sec. 5-31, which says in part: “Any person owning, possessing, or keeping a dog, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, licensed or unlicensed, shall confine the dog within an adequate fence or enclosure, or within a house, garage or other building or shall confine the dog by chain or leash affixed to the dog’s collar and attached to some substantial stationary object adequate to prevent the dog from running at large.”

It goes on to say that “A chain or leash lead may not be used as the permanent means of restraining a dog or other animal.” Yet today, in the yards of many Pine Bluff homes, one can observe helpless creatures who are tethered on very short leashes and left there for hours, maybe days, to relieve themselves where they stand. Also, there are many dogs running loose on the streets and facing an inevitable fate of either starvation or an encounter with a motor vehicle.

Where is our city’s Animal Control, which is charged with enforcing these city codes as well as Arkansas animal cruelty statutes, which now make animal abuse and neglect a felony?

I have observed this kind of treatment of animals in Pine Bluff for many years. The Jefferson county Humane Society and others have been tirelessly working to prevent it and yet it continues. There are some who obviously have no empathy for other living creatures and view them simply as possessions. I would like to see Pine Bluff Animal Control do their job, investigate and prosecute these pet owners and raise public awareness about the responsibilities of pet ownership for the good of all.

Lisa A. Grigg

Pine Bluff