Brown’s actions not reminiscent of MLK

Editor, The Commercial:

Alderman Glenn Brown Sr. has invoked the name of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. while being disrespectful to the Pine Bluff City Council members and the mayor.

First he enters the meeting 30 minutes late, then begins to disrupt everyone by talking to another council member; that’s disrespectful. Not only was this disrespectful to the chair but also to the rest of the council members and citizens.

Brown is the only council member in recent times who has gotten out of his chair, while the council is in session, with the chair in charge, to go into the audience to tell people where they can stand; that’s outrageous.

Then Brown has the audacity to compared himself to Dr. King, saying “that he’s carrying on King’s quest for civil rights.” Brown said his efforts are for “others” as well as “myself.” (Pine Bluff Commercial)

During the last city council meeting, Alderman Rev. Lloyd Holcomb had to call Brown out for talking in his ear while city business was being conducted. Brown is carrying on his foolishness while his ward and the people suffer for lack of basic services.

For 30 years ICVR has taught youngsters about the life of Dr. King, and I have never seen nor read anywhere that Dr. King embarrassed black people the way Brown is doing on the city council. During King’s lifetime, he sought to forge the common ground on which people from all walks of life could join together to address important community issues. Working alongside individuals of all ages, races and backgrounds, Dr. King encouraged Americans to come together to strengthen communities, alleviate poverty and acknowledge dignity and respect for all human beings.

The latest actions by Brown do not represent any part of Dr. King’s life or his teachings. Believe.

Pastor Jesse C. Turner

Elm Grove Baptist Church

Pine Bluff