‘Our kids-Our future-Our WC’

Editor, The Commercial:

Dear Valued Watson Chapel Residents:

If you regularly read or receive the Pine Bluff Commercial, you may know that the Watson Chapel School District is working to secure funding to construct a new K-1 building for Edgewood Elementary School. What does this have to do with me, you ask? Well, in order to make this vision a reality, the Watson Chapel School District is asking for an increase in millage. This is where the Watson Chapel Community comes in.

Watson Chapel School District’s current millage rate (tax rate) is 31.8 mils and has remained unchanged since 1974. Watson Chapel School District is asking for an increase of 2.3 mils, which is equivalent to a $23 per year tax increase on a $50,000 home or a mere .6 cents/day. Should the proposal be approved, it would put Watson Chapel School District at a 34.1 millage rate. This rate is significantly lower than the state average of 37.18 mils as well as that of the surrounding school districts.

The future of Watson Chapel School District depends heavily on its ability to gain the approval of the WC Community for a millage increase. It would provide the district’s students a sensational start academically, which in turn paves the way for a fantastic finish. These are all key components to stabilizing and increasing/boosting enrollment, thus contributing to the overall success of the Watson Chapel district.

In closing, we ask that the Watson Chapel community votes “yes” for the millage increase at the Special Election to be held May 14, 2013. Though the slogan for the millage campaign may be “Our kids-Our future-Our Watson Chapel,” this is a community effort that is nothing without the support of the Watson Chapel community.

Courtney L. Boykin

Pine Bluff