UAPB, UAM seek tuition increases

LITTLE ROCK — A committee of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet Tuesday to consider proposed tuition and fee increases at the university’s five four-year campuses for the 2013-14 school year — including a proposed increase of 4.9 percent at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

If the proposal is approved, tuition and fees would increase from $5,518 to $5,791 at UAPB.

The University of Arkansas at Monticello is requesting an increase of 5.4 percent, from

$5,560 to $5,860.

The UA board’s fiscal committee will review the proposed increases, which range from 3.5 percent at the UA system’s flagship campus in Fayetteville to 10 percent at UA-Fort Smith.

The UA-Fayetteville increase would raise tuition and fees from $7,554 to $7,818. The UAFS request would raise total fees from $5,436 to $5,982.

UALR is requesting an increase of 4.9 percent — from $7,344 to $7,702.

Institutions requesting tuition and fee increases exceeding 3.5 percent will have their chancellors appear before the committee at the request of UA Board Chairman Jane Rogers, who said it would be prudent for the panel to take a close look at each request and hear presentations from those seeking fee hikes over 3.5 percent.

“I understand that our institutions are facing a number of funding challenges in a time when new revenues are scarce,” Rogers said in a UA System statement Monday. “As trustees, we have an obligation to ensure our institutions are strong financially, while also taking into account the affordability offered to our students.”

As part of efforts to enhance campus security, the five two-year colleges in the UA System are all requesting new or increased public safety fees, but were not asked to appear before the committee Tuesday because their proposals for increases, excluding the public safety fees, do not exceed 3.5 percent.

Proposals for tuition and fee increases for the two-year schools include:

• UA Community College at Morrilton: From $3,360 to $3,500, including public safety fee increase from $10 to $90. Total increase without public safety fee 1.8 percent, with extra fee 4.2 percent.

• UA Community College at Hope: From $2,346 to $2,421; including public safety fee increase from $60 to $90. Total increase, 2 percent (3.2 percent).

• Phillips County Community College of the University of Arkansas: From $2,736 to $2,855; including public safety fee increase from $60 to $120. Total increase 2.2 percent (4.3 percent).

• Cossatot Community College of the UA in De Queen: 2.6 percent, from $2,302 to $2,512; including new public safety fee of $150. Total increase 2.6 percent (9.1 percent).

• UA Community College of Batesville: 3.5 percent, from $2,900 to $3,060, includes public safety fee increase from $60 to $120. Total increase 3.5 percent (5.5 percent).

The fiscal committee will present its recommendations on the proposals at a regular meeting of the full UA board on May 23.