Extension Service answers FAQs about raw milk

LITTLE ROCK — Raw cow milk will be legal to sell in Arkansas starting Friday. Before dairy farmers start selling raw milk or consumers start drinking raw milk, they may want to read a new fact sheet on the subject published by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Public Policy Center.

“There are a lot of questions about raw cow’s milk,” said Tom Riley director of the University of Arkansas’s Public Policy Center. “The center’s fact sheet includes some of the reasons why people want to drink raw cow’s milk and the multiple health risks the unpasteurized dairy product may present.”

Arkansas’ new law allows the sale of raw cow milk straight from the farm but not anywhere else.

Nor is the resale of raw milk permitted under the law, which requires dairy farmers to display signs at their operation informing consumers that the milk isn’t pasteurized or inspected by the state.

Dairy farmers are limited to selling 500 gallons of raw milk each month. Prior to Friday, Arkansas law allowed limited sales of raw goat milk only.

The fact sheet is posted on the Public Policy Center’s website at ppc.uaex.edu or can be linked to from www.uaex.edu/Other_Areas/publications/PDF/FSPPC120.pdf.