Auditor of state schedules auction of unclaimed property

An eBay auction of unclaimed property will begin at 10 a.m. Friday, hosted by Auditor of State Charlie Daniels.

The auction will be open for seven days. Bidding is open to any registered user of eBay (a free service), except for the auditor of state, his employees and their immediate families.

Beginning about 10 a.m. Friday, interested bidders may visit the Auditor of State’s eBay page at to view the items. Interested bidders can follow the auditor of state on Facebook for a preview of items that will be offered for sale.

January auction items include baseball cards, stamps, coins and jewelry.

Items included in the auction are abandoned safe deposit box contents reported to the auditor of state as unclaimed property by various banks and financial institutions across the state. All items have been abandoned at least eight years prior to sale. Photos, letters and other personal memorabilia will not be included in the auction program. Every effort is made to contact the original owner of the property prior to sale.

Search the auditor’s unclaimed property database at to see if the auditor of state has property belonging to you.