AG’s office releases communications with woman linked to McDaniel

LITTLE ROCK — The office of Attorney General Dustin McDaniel on Friday released what it said were all documented communications between McDaniel and Andi Davis that were related to the attorney general’s office.

Davis is a Hot Springs lawyer with whom McDaniel has admitted having had an inappropriate relationship. McDaniel’s office has been opposing counsel in five cases handled by Davis.

McDaniel spokesman Aaron Sadler said McDaniel believed the documents were exempt from the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act but was releasing them anyway.

“In this specific instance, the AG thinks it is important to disclose communications involving himself and Ms. Davis related to the office, even though they are not subject to release,” Sadler said.

The documents include an email from Davis to McDaniel and Senior Assistant Attorney General Warren Readnour, dated March 7 of this year, concerning a case in which Davis was representing a veterinarian, Dr. Bob Zepecki, and the opposing counsel was the attorney general’s office. In the email Davis said she had received death threats and that “my head is simply not in a place where I am able to work at a good and steady pace,” so she needed a continuance.

Davis also said that she was attending a funeral of a friend who died at her home. On Feb. 29, Maxwell Anderson was shot and killed outside Davis’ home in a homicide that has not yet resulted in an arrest.

Sadler said McDaniel did not respond to the email. Also among the documents is a letter, dated July 13, 2011, in which Davis asked Readnour for a continuance in a case involving Zepecki, saying she was ill.

“I am cc’ing General McDaniel on this only because the General has precedential familiarity with my moral fiber, which I believe he has ascertained from instances I have spent in his vicinity during various public political functions,” Davis wrote. “I trust the General will vouch (not in any way give me a special favor) that I would not ask for this in any form or fashion to manipulate the (Veterinary Medical Examining) Board for my client or to further delay unnecessarily.”

Sadler said McDaniel never received a copy of the letter and never discussed its contents with Davis or Readnour.

“The simple fact, which I will reiterate, is that the Attorney General had no direct involvement in the cases in which Ms. Davis represented opposing parties,” Sadler said.

McDaniel, who has been married to his current wife, Bobbi, since 2009, has said he will continue with his planned 2014 bid for governor.