No injuries after home of Gould mayor destroyed in overnight fire

The residence of Gould mayor Ernest Nash at 305 W. Jefferson Street in Gould was destroyed but its occupants were uninjured in a fire discovered by Nash’s young son around 1 a.m. Saturday.

Nash said he was thankful that he and his entire family escaped the smoke and flames and credits his son Jeremiah’s actions with their safety.

“We call him the family hero,” Nash said.”The house was a total loss. We lost everything including our vehicles. But things can be replaced. It’s people who can’t be replaced. If God didn’t have a plan for us he wouldn’t have let it happen so we are excited to see what God’s plan will be for us.”

Nash explained the sequence of events.

“I was asleep around 1:00 when my son woke me up to say there was a fire in his room,” Nash said Saturday afternoon. “I sent him to wake up his sisters and I ran to his room on the other side of the house near the carport. We always practice fire drills so the kids knew what to do. They did everything they were supposed to do. The house quickly filled up with smoke and we all held onto each other to get out.”

Nash said that he, along with his wife, 16-year-old daughter, twin 14-year-old daughters and 11-year-old son are now staying at his mother’s home.

“I went to get our firefighters and the truck and shortly after we got on scene trucks with the Grady Fire Department and the Wells Bayou Volunteer Fire Department arrived to help contain the fire and get it under control,” Nash said. “There were 15 firefighters altogether who responded, including Jerry Bailey, Kenneth Pointer, Charles James and Frank Jones from the Gould Fire Department.”

Nash said the last firefighters left the scene at 5 a.m.

“I will make a call to the State Fire Marshal Monday to see if the fire was natural or unnatural,” Nash said.

Nash had some timely words of advice.

“Make sure your smoke detectors work and if you have kids do what we did and have regular fire drills with them,” Nash said. “They work and they save lives.”

Attempts to speak with members of the responding fire departments Saturday afternoon were unsuccessful.