New State Highway 530 opens

With the removal of tarps covering road signs and barrels blocking the on- and off-ramps, crews with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department on Thursday morning officially opened to traffic the Exit 44 State Highway 530 interchange with Interstate 530 on the south side of Pine Bluff.

The new highway extends 18 miles between Pine Bluff and the intersection with State Highway 114 in Lincoln County north of Star City according to AHTD assistant public information officer Danny Straessle. State Highway 530 marks the partial completion of a traffic corridor that will eventually link up with the future Interstate 69 in south Arkansas.

“Even though it will eventually become a four=lane highway, for now Highway 530 will be confined to two lanes due to a lack of further funding,” Straessle said. “There is no money at this time for the additional two lanes. The next step will be the completion of a section of Highway 530 between Highway 114 and a connector road between State Highway 11 and U.S. Highway 425. That is scheduled for completion in 2014.”