Real estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

Nov. 23, Rufus Swopes and Gloria D. Thomas, Rufus Swopes and wife, 9701 U.S. 65 South, Pine Bluff.

Nov. 23, $187,000, Charlie S. Dixon, Raymond Jurens and wife, 95 Myra St., White Hall. Nov. 23, $123,000, Toni L. Jurjens, Thomas Guy Clifton and wife, 702 Nancy St., Pine Bluff.

Nov. 23, $5,000, William Griffin and Rebecca Griffin, Kathie M. Horn, 5105 W. Jones St., White Hall.

Nov. 28, $172,000, Rufus S. Maxwell, James R. Buis and wife, 1312 Heartwood St., White Hall.

Nov. 28, $45,000, Bryan Rainey and Melanie Rainey, W. E. Huntley, 9412 Huntley Trail, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

Nov. 29, Tashima Shelby, Virginia Shelby, 1205 Marion Drive, Pine Bluff (Dollarway community.)

Nov. 29, Lane C. Stringer and Mary J. Clark Stringer, Lane Clark Stringer, 307 Clark Road, White Hall.

Nov. 30, $1,587,000, Optimum Lambert LLC, Lambert Brothers LLC, 4110 Chalmette Road, Pine Bluff (more than 800 acres, agri property.)

Nov. 30, $241,000, Tommy Gale Holcomb and Sherra Beth Holcomb, Tommy Holcomb and wife, 6583 Holcomb Lane, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)