Real estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

• Feb. 26, 2013, $320,000, Jefferson County Land Group LLC, Maple Ridge Farming Co., 2786 Nestlewood Drive, White Hall.

• Dec. 13, 2012, $50,000, Dierich LLC, Danny Rasor, 1201 W. Holland Ave., White Hall.

• Dec. 13, $29,000, Caroyn Vassar, Sammie L. Virgil and wife, 700 E. Harding Ave., Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 13, $225,000, Crossroads Development LTD, Sandra M. Johnson, 1601 S. Oak St., Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 13, $113,000, Sheila R. Bishop, George F. Perchan and wife, 43 Longmeadow, Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 13, $315,000, Maple Ridge Farming Co., Daniel John Peterson and Susan M. Peterson, 2786 Nestlewood Drive, White Hall.

• Dec. 14, $15,000, William Todd Prather, Elmer L. Ulry, 8702 Middle Warren Road, Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 14, Jefferson County Habitat for Humanity, E. Harley Cox trustee, Eastbrook Add. Lot 026, Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 14, Hilda Mae Lane Taylor and Paul E. Taylor, Hilda M. Seymore Taylor, 1108 Rock St., White Hall.

• Dec. 14, Don Nixon, Wanda Louise Dixon, 4109 Hawthorne Lane, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

• Dec. 14, Ava D. and Mark S. McAllister, Clyde R. McDaniel and wife, 11109 Murdock Road, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

• Dec. 14, $1,000, Drewight Allen Moss, Wade Pemberton, 900 N. Burnell St., Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 17, Grant Reynolds Jr. and Barbara A. Reynolds, Grant Reynolds Jr. et all, 3602 S. Virginia St., Pine Bluff.

• Dec. 17, $275,000, Thomas W. Parker and Kathy G. Parker, Robert and Kimberly Lowery, 121 Carriage Court Drive, White Hall.