Jack Robey students donate to U.S.O. for Veterans Day

Shelina Warren’s PreAP Civics class chose to raise funds to donate money to support the troops as a service project this year.

Warren chose the U.S.O. organization to be the benefactor of the donations. The money was donated Nov. 7 to help the troops just in time for Veterans Day.

The mission of the U.S.O. organization is to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families. Each student chose a specific gift, such as a phone call home or a comfort food package to be sent to troops using the U.S.O.’s wishbook.

In all, Warren’s class (16 students) donated $400 to the troops. Kenneth Gatewood Jr. raised the most money, $75.

As a former soldier, Warren said she is proud of her students for stepping up and saluting soldiers


“Happy Veterans Day from Jack Robey Junior High School.”