Suspect in custody after altercation at Walmart

One suspect was in custody on battery charges Wednesday evening after an alleged altercation at the Walmart Supercenter in Pine Bluff.

The suspect is accused of hitting the person in front of him in line, Pine Bluff Police Department spokeswoman Regina VonTungeln said. He had allegedly become impatient and thought the other customer was taking too long.

The other man involved in the incident allegedly pulled out a gun in response to being hit, but he had a concealed weapon carry license and was released pending further investigation, VonTungeln said. The names of those involved in the incident were not available Wednesday evening.

Sgt. Lynn Wright was shopping in Walmart when someone came up to him and said there was a person in the store with a gun, VonTungeln said. People were running and scattering away from where the incident was taking place. Wright approached the man he had been told had the gun, calling out for him to stop.

The suspect did not respond or stop, so Wright wrestled him to the ground, VonTungeln said. Witnesses started yelling that Wright had the wrong person. The man who allegedly pulled out the gun was later located.

VonTungeln said the initial call came from the photo department in the store. Police dispatchers put out a call at about 5:30 p.m. for all on-duty police officers to assist with the situation, but that code was canceled a short time later.

A witness who called The Commercial reported police everywhere and running and commotion as customers fled the area and the store.