Suspect accused in second burglary

For the second time in three days, a Pine Bluff man who is currently on parole has been linked to a residential burglary.

Seneca Dickson, 27, appeared in Pine Bluff District Court on Monday after he was identified as a suspect in a burglary on North Haverty Street on March 15.

Deputy Prosecutor Maxie Kizer said an elderly female victim told police she heard a knock on her door, and when she went to open it, a man pushed his way in and took her purse containing credit cards and cash.

Detective Sgt. Ralph Issac said in a probable cause affidavit that after Dickson was identified as a possible suspect, Issac showed the victim a series of mug shots and she picked out Dickson as the person who entered her house and took the purse.

Last Friday, Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth ruled that prosecutors had probable cause to charge Dickson with residential burglary and theft of property in a non-related incident, and Kizer said Monday that police are preparing two more probable cause affidavits against Dickson for other alleged crimes.

Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $50,000 cash-only bond for Dickson after ruling Monday that prosecutors had probable cause to charge him with residential burglary and theft of property. Bridgforth set a similar bond for Dickson last Friday.

Dickson said he would hire his own attorney and was told to come back to court May 20.