Struggle with police leads to man’s arrest on robbery allegation

A man was arrested on robbery charges after allegedly shoplifting Wednesday and struggling with an off-duty Pine Bluff police officer.

Carl Biggs, 33, had allegedly concealed two cans of beer in his pockets when Officer William Ablondi, who was working at Brookshire’s on Dollarway Road, tried to stop him.

Detective Bill Wiegand reported that Biggs resisted until Ablondi told him he was going to use a Tazer, at which point Biggs submitted.

Wiegand reported that while Biggs was being questioned, he slipped the handcuffs off his wrists and escaped from the store, running into a wooded area near Lane and Knight streets where he was found by Wiegand and Detective Sam Atkinson.

Biggs gave police a false name when he was questioned, and later admitted that he gave the name because he was wanted by the parole board as an absconder.

Because of the absconder warrant, Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set a $25,000 cash only bond for Biggs after ruling prosecutors had probable cause to charge him with robbery.

Even though a bond was set on that allegation, Biggs will be held without bond pending an appearance before the parole board.

Biggs said he would hire his own attorney and was told to come back to court Dec. 5.