Redfield Police recover stolen car, arrest Little Rock man

A Little Rock man who had a suspended driver’s license was arrested Thursday after Redfield Police stopped a car he was driving that was reported stolen.

Redfield Police Chief Steve McFatridge said he knew Jacob Obryan, 31, was allegedly associated with a group of people linked to stolen vehicles. When McFatridge saw Obryan driving a blue Honda on the parking lot of Cranford’s Superfoods, he ran a check and learned that Obryan’s license was suspended.

Deputy Prosecutor Maxie Kizer said McFatridge also ran the vehicle identification number of the car and was told the car had been reported missing from an address at Mablevale earlier Thursday.

Redfield Detective Teri Patterson reported that she went to assist McFatridge and took photographs of a number of vehicle keys that had been ground down, and the key that was in the ignition of the car had also been ground down and couldn’t be removed.

Obryan reportedly told Redfield Police he had been staying at a house in the 900 block of Highway 365 for several days, and agreed to take a female who also lived at that house to the grocery store in the Honda.

Patterson reported that Redfield Police have recovered five stolen vehicles driven by associates of Obryan, all of them going to or from the house on Highway 365 in the last two weeks.

The female who was in the car with Obryan, who Patterson said was pregnant, was released without charges.

Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth set a $25,000 bond for Obryan after ruling prosecutors had probable cause to charge him with theft by receiving.

Bridgforth appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent Obryan and told him to come back to court Nov. 23.