Police reviewing methods for reporting crime data

Interim Pine Bluff Police Chief Jeff Hubanks said Wednesday that in the process of reviewing the way incidents including crimes are reported and tabulated, he’s discovered “some anomalies” in how the data is presented.

“We’re in the process of a partial overhaul,” Hubanks said Wednesday, explaining that the anomalies “go back to when the department adopted” the reporting system it currently uses.

The Police Department has not released crime statistics for December, which normally would have been done during the monthly meeting of the City Council Public Safety Committee. That committee did not meet in January but new Chairman Wayne Easterly said he hopes to meet before the first meeting of the city council in February. Previously, the committee met before the first council meeting of the month.

Hubanks said that when he and members of the department command staff looked at how the system handled the data entered into it, there was a consensus that some revisions need to be made.

“We’re going to go back and re-crunch the numbers so that we can get a better product,” Hubanks said. “We can’t put our finger on what we need to do without accurate data.”

He said he hopes to be able to produce crime statistics by the first part of February, and said training sessions for entering data into the system are scheduled for next week.