Parole board recommends four for pardons, rejects four others

Four Southeast Arkansas residents were recommended for pardons by the Arkansas Parole Board, while the board rejected the applications of four others.

The four recommended for pardons have completed all their sentences, paid all fines and court costs, and satisfied other requirements for the pardons.

Those recommended for pardons, the county they were convicted in and the charges are as follows:

• Billie Jo (Miller) Alexander, Grant County, reckless burning.

• Patrick W. Gaines Sr., Jefferson County, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance probation revocation

• Kimberly Hearn, Jefferson County, assault, failure to comply, failure to comply with the hot check law.

• Jeffrey David Petty, Jefferson County, theft by receiving and residential burglary and theft of property.

Those not recommended for pardons, the county they were convicted in and the charges are as follows:

• Antonio Tirell Green, Jefferson County, theft by receiving, theft by receiving probation revocation, possession of a controlled substance, domestic battery third-degree and first-degree false imprisonment, second-degree battery, second-degree battery and possession of a controlled substance.

• Jamal Antonio Jones, Grant County, controlled substance/criminal penalties and fraud-drug paraphernalia.

• Teresa Harris Rucker, Cleveland County, manufacture of a controlled substance crystal methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture methamphetamine and possession of anhydrous ammonia in unlawful containers and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

• Kenneth Washington Jr., Jefferson, Violation of the hot check law.

The parole board also ruled that five applications from prison inmates seeking to have their sentences commuted were without merit.

Those inmates, the county they were convicted in and charges are as follows:

Damiane Cunning, Ashley County, robbery, theft of property.

• Frank Lewis, Cleveland County, first-degree murder, arson, manufacture, delivery or possession of a controlled substance and abuse of a corpse.

• Gene McCool, Grant County, 40 counts rape.

• Roger Mosby, Grant County, first-degree murder.

• Timothy Smith, Jefferson County, theft of property probation revocation, residential burglary probation revocation, aggravated residential burglary, three counts aggravated assault, aggravated robbery.