New allegations against LR man arrested Thursday on theft, assault charges

A Little Rock man who was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly tried to steal clothing from Dillard’s allegedly had drugs in his possession that disappeared from an interview room at the jail early Friday.

Napolean Haire, 27, was in a car with two other people that off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy Courtney Kelly tried to stop after he saw Haire running from Dillard’s carrying a large amount of clothing, according to police.

Kelly was allegedly “bumped” by the car twice before other officers arrived and were able to arrest Haire and the other two people.

Vice and Narcotics Detective Michael Battles reported that when police took Haire out of the car, a purple Crown Royal bag containing several off-white, rock-like substances believed to be crack cocaine fell out of his pants.

Battles reported that when Haire was taken to the adult detention center for an interview, officers left the room for a few minutes and when they returned, the bag was still there but the off-white, rock-like substances were gone.

Haire reportedly denied any knowledge of the cocaine, but later reportedly admitted he was given the drugs as “his payment for stealing.”

Last Friday, a $25,000 bond was set for Haire on probable cause of aggravated assault and theft of property and on Monday, Jefferson County District Judge Kim Bridgforth set another $25,000 bond on probable cause of tampering with evidence.