Jailer accused of smuggling pot, tobacco into center

A jailer at the adult detention center was arrested Friday night and accused of attempting to smuggle contraband into the facility.

Christopher Curengton, 22, was booked into the jail at 7:51 p.m. on probable cause of furnishing prohibited articles into a correctional facility and possession of a controlled substance, marijuana, with purpose to deliver, both felonies. He is expected to appear in court for a probable cause hearing Monday.

Chief Deputy Sheriff and Jail Administrator Greg Bolin said Curengton had worked for the jail for less than a year and became the subject of an internal investigation after jail personnel received reports that he was allegedly smuggling marijuana and tobacco into the facility.

“We search all our jailers when they report to work, but we received what we believed was credible information about Curengton and armed with that new information, we also searched his vehicle which was on jail property and recovered the contraband,” Bolin said.

He said the marijuana, approximately a quarter bag, was inside the tobacco and “packaged in such a way that it was obvious he was going to attempt to smuggle it in.”

Bolin said the jail employes more than 70 people and procedures are in place to insure that contraband is not brought in, either by employees or visitors.

“We’re always looking to hire good employees but we have to be diligent,” Bolin said. “This arrest should serve as a warning that if a person is going to try and smuggle items into the jail, sooner or later they are going to get caught and have to pay the penalty.”

If convicted of furnishing prohibited articles into a correctional facility, a Class B felony, Curengton could be sentenced to between five and 20 years in prison. Possession of a controlled substance with purpose to deliver marijuana is a Class D felony and punishable by up to six years in prison, and/or a fine.