Jail administrator rules that complaint is unfounded

Complaints made by a Pine Bluff man who was held at the adult detention center in early June have been investigated and ruled to be unfounded, according to a copy of the letter that was sent to the man by the jail administrator.

Donty Simmons filed the complaint after being released from the detention center June 3, and also delivered a copy to The Commercial.

In the complaint, Simmons, who wears a life vest for a heart condition, alleged that he was forced to urinate on himself. The jail administrator, Chief Deputy Sheriff Greg Bolin, who investigated the complaint, said there are bathrooms in every cell and the holding area for incoming detainees.

Simmons was arrested June 1 on a misdemeanor warrant for failure to appear, with a bond of $1,095.

He also alleged that he was not allowed to make a phone call but Bolin said the phone call log indicated that Simmons made a call to his sister at 12:35 p.m, on June 1.

Another complaint was that he was not given a Bible, pencil or writing paper to communicate with his family, but Bolin said those items are not given out on weekends, and the mail does not run from the jail on the weekend, when Simmons was incarcerated.

Simmons alleged that he asked the nurse on duty to put him on a liquid diet, which she refused to approve. He said the nurse did approve him receiving two mattresses but that Lt. Surrell DeBerry refused to provide the additional mattress.

Bolin said in his answer that DeBerry reported that the nurse assessed Simmons and gave her no special instructions other than to keep Simmons in the booking area of the facility.

Simmons also alleged that he was pushed down on the clothing room floor by Deputy James Hoffman as he was putting on his clothing to be released.

Bolin said Hoffman reported that Simmons failed to comply with orders and was confrontational during the shower clothing process.

“Deputy Hoffman pushed you into the shower area when you failed to comply,” Bolin said. “You were not pushed down.”

The response to Simmons by Bolin said “I find that you received constitutional treatment while you were in custody. Your complaints are unfounded.”