Alleged robbery escalates into fleeing, results in 2 arrests

Two people were arrested Monday night after an alleged shoplifting incident escalated into the suspects allegedly attempting to hit officers with a vehicle.

Walter Farver, 53, and Chris Goodrum, 48, were arrested at the Dollar General at 2829 S. Camden Road.

Pine Bluff Police Department spokesman Capt. Greg Shapiro said Farver allegedly concealed some socks and underwear. He was confronted by employees who called police and attempted to keep Farver in the store until police arrived. Shapiro said Farver threatened the employees with a box cutter, broke out the glass in the front of the store, got into a vehicle outside and attempted to flee.

Goodrum was driving the vehicle and drove toward the officers, who were able to take both men into custody.

Shapiro said Farver was arrested on probable cause of aggravated robbery, theft, fleeing and criminal mischief. Goodrum was arrested on on probable cause of aggravated assault. Both are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a probable cause hearing.