Real estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

March 7, Anita Maxwell, Alicia Smith, SEC 07 TWP 7 S RNG 09 W, vacant property, Pine Bluff.

March 8, $3,000, Charles Morris, Avis Dell Hood, 704 S. Dakota St., Pine Bluff.

March 8, $3,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 3000 Kaydon Road, Pine Bluff.

March 9, Gerald F. Conley Jr., Gerald Franklin Conley, 11111 Earl Chadick Road, Tucker.

March 9, Marissa Renee Goldman, Gregory Scott Goldman, CARGILL’S S/D Lot: 014, White Hall.

March 9, John A. Denman, Alberta Jackson, 110 S. Larch St., Pine Bluff.

March 12, $152,000, James Edward Jackson, Stephen A. and Elizabeth R. Matthews, 907 W. 46th Ave., Pine Bluff.

March 13, Pauline A. Smith and Susan D. Smith, Pauline A. Smith Rev. Living Trust, 1404 Silver Fox, Pine Bluff.

March 14, $125,000 Gregory C. Robinson, William R. Terry and wife, 703 Park Terrace Drive, White Hall.

March 15, $10,000, Rebecca Lynn Box, Johnny M. Lambert and wife, SEC 19 TWP 6 S RNG 10 W, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

March 15, $150,000, Rachel L. Clinton and Judy L. Clinton, Phil E. and Jeannine Shirley, 2004 Colony Drive, White Hall.

March 16, $180,000, Eric J. and Deborah R. Rouse, Jerry W. Drake and wife, 14 Foxcroft, Pine Bluff.

March 16, $2,000, Linda Allen, Homer J. White et al, 4423 W. 17th Ave., Pine Bluff.

March 16, $5,000, Concepcion Velazquez-Orozco, James B. Bearden, 3103 S. Iris St., Pine Bluff.