Real estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

Dec. 7, $ 2.17 million, West Farms Inc., Ferguson Farm Inc., SEC 31 TWP 4 S RNG 09 W, 375.3 acres, Sherrill.

Dec. 13, James Simms and Johnnie Lee Simms, Carrie Johnson, 5300 Gilliand Road, Wabbaseka.

Dec. 14, $20,000, John and Catherine Atkinson, Sandra Hopper, 5717 Kilcrease Road, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

Dec. 14, Susan D. Baskins and William S. Baskins, Susan D. Baskins, 1804 Belmoor Drive, Pine Bluff.

Dec. 14, $3,000, James Sanders and Gertie Sanders, Jimmie McBee and wife, block 002, lot 012, Humphrey.

Dec. 16, Presley McIntyre and Antee Johnson, Horace K. Socia and wife, 1700 Vaughn St., Pine Bluff.

Dec. 16, $75,000, Brenda S. Williams, Hallie E. Stone, 507 Winchester Ave., White Hall.

Dec. 16, $86,000, Judith C. Smith, Jan Barnett Jacobs, 3600 S. Cherry St., Pine Bluff. Dec. 19, $47,000, Sami Jo Smith, Josh and Mandy R. Armstrong, 10200 Dollarway Road, White Hall.

Dec. 19, $333,000, Norsworthy Land Co., J.O. Bennett & Sons Inc., SEC 29 TWP 3 S RNG 09 W, 40 acres, Plum Bayou area; Morrow Plantation lot 269, 57.2 acres.

Dec. 19, $125,000, Henry Pierce and Betty Pierce et al, Ozark Heritage Bank NA, 11936 Dollarway Road, White Hall.

Dec. 20, $16,000, Lawanda Johnson, C.H. Muhammad N. Akmal, TANTARA S/D #1 Lot: 068, Pine Bluff.

Dec. 20, $3,000, Calvin Johnson, Willie Lee Sherman, SEC 03 TWP 7 S RNG 10 W, Pine Bluff. Dec. 20, Rhonda Louise Banks, Charles and Linda Ofallon, 9014 Pine Meadows, Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel community.)

Dec. 21, $38,000, Jan Ritchie Lemons, W. David Purdy, 1507 Hardin Road North, Pine Bluff (Dollarway community.)

Dec. 21, Andrew W. Jackson, Eldrew G. Mitchell, 115 S. Juniper St., Pine Bluff.