Former jailer charged in contraband probe

A female employee of the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center was fired last week after being charged with furnishing articles, a Class C Felony.

Chief Deputy Sheriff and Jail Administrator Greg Bolin said Kimberly Matthews, 26, had been employed at the facility for about a year when she was terminated March 28.

Bolin said jail personnel received information on March 9 that contraband, particularly food and non-prescription medicine had been brought into the facility by a detention officer and given to detainees, Per department policy, an investigation was started by the Criminal Investigation Division.

Audio surveillance at the facility determined that a detainee had called a family member and asked that family member to bring food and medicine to the jail and to give it to a particular officer during shift change. A review of video surveillance showed the actual act of the items being brought into the facility, and into the cell blocks by Matthews, Bolin said.

Bolin said Matthews was placed on administrative leave with pay while the matter was investigated, and following the investigation, paperwork was sent to Prosecuting Attorney S. Kyle Hunter, who formally charged Matthews with the felony offense, and an arrest warrant was issued for her.

Matthews surrendered at the jail last Friday, posted a $5,000 bond, and was released with an order to return to court May 7.

Charges against other individuals involved in this incident are currently being prepared and will be sent to the prosecutor, Bolin said.

“While incidents such as this are unfortunate, the detention center staff is constantly monitoring security of the facility, reviewing procedures, resources and upgrading equipment to protect the safety of the staff, detainees and the public,” Bolin said.