Student urges PB to Stand Up to Bullying


Pine Bluff will observe International Stand Up to Bullying Day thanks to a St. Joseph’s Catholic School student who took her cause all the way to the City Council.

On March 19, the Pine Bluff City Council unanimously approved a resolution declaring March 30 International Stand Up to Bullying Day in the city of Pine Bluff. Those who wish to participate are asked to wear pink shirts or blouses on March 30 to designate their resolve to eliminate bullying in schools and workplaces.

The designation was requested by student Legacy Paris who presented her research into the issue to the council on March 5 and again on March 19. Paris had also made a video on the subject.

The day originated with high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada, and has since spread to 25 countries worldwide.

“They saw a kid in school being bullied in school for wearing a pink polo shirt, so the boys wore pink polo shirts to school the next day to support the boy who was being bullied,” Paris said. “Soon everybody in the school was wearing pink. The trend spread far and wide, throughout the world to become an international effort to stop bullying.

“This day is very important to me because ever since I was a little kid, I got bullied by a lot of kids in school because of my hair, or the way I dress or just my personality,” Paris said, adding that it made her afraid of what the kids were going to say next, and she wants to prevent other young people in Pine Bluff from experiencing that feeling.

At the March 19 council meeting, Mayor Carl A. Redus Jr. presented Paris with the proclamation declaring March 30 as Stand Up to Bullying Day in Pine Bluff.

“From the Pine Bluff City Council and all of its citizens we would like to present you with the proclamation and ask you to continue to do the good work in making sure that everyone is very aware and knowledgeable about the fact that bullying is not needed, not wanted and is not a good thing to do in public schools or at any time, so we thank you very much for your wonderful, wonderful research,” Redus said.

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