St. Joseph Catholic School given brief reprieve

St. Joseph Catholic School has until Friday to come up with $200,000 and a fall enrollment commitment of 60 students in order to stay open.

The school was informed by Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock early last month that it had until April 30 to meet these goals but was given an additional four days to do so on Monday.

“We’ve got a deadline to meet and we’re working hard to meet it,” St. Joseph principal Sue Costello said Tuesday afternoon.

The St. Joseph website showed that as of Monday the school was short of its goal by $79,000 and 11 students.

Matthew Foss, a teacher at St. Joseph, said that an additional $6,000 in pledges had been received Tuesday.

“What we get in tuition for 60 students plus the $200,000 will allow us to keep the school open,” Foss said.