Eight businesses get deliquent tax notices

Eight businesses in Pine Bluff that hadn’t paid property taxes for 2010 got a visit from Jefferson County Chief Deputy Sheriff Stanley James Wednesday afternoon.

James was delivering writs of execution from the tax collector with a demand for the money, and a warning that failure to pay would result in the seizure of the businesses’ inventory, which could be sold to satisfy the delinquent taxes.

Based on a list from County Tax Collector Stephanie Glover Stanton, there were 2,914 businesses in the county that had taxes due in 2011 for the previous year, with a total of $6,643,948.22 owed.

After the October 15 deadline and allowing for mail to be processed, 465 of those businesses still owed a total of $171,122.68 in taxes Oct. 24.

Of that number, 389 have paid after receiving letters, certified letters, or getting phone calls from the tax collector’s office, resulting in a total of $143,305.50 being paid to the county.

Stanton said that as of March 28 at 4 p.m., there were 69 businesses that had not paid their taxes, including 36 that have been closed. Those businesses owe a total of$14,932 in taxes.

The following businesses and the amount they owe in delinquent property taxes are as follows:

• Rouse Auto Sales and Parts, $1,385.04

• Westcoast Motorsports, $2,715.33

• Circle N/5 Star Food, $612.61

• Dollarway Apartments, $592.57

• Fiesta Mexicana Mexican Restaurant, $966.78

• America’s Best Inn, $984.24

LaQuinta Inn and Suites, $6,238.77

• Classic Cuts, $1,266.52

All of the businesses where the writs were delivered were given until April 18 to contact the tax collector’s office to pay the delinquent amount, or make payment arrangements. They will also have to pay the sheriff’s department a fee for serving the writ, as penalties for late payment.