Brown sees JP appointment as opportunity

Newly appointed Justice of the Peace Doug Brown of White Hall said Thursday that he views being selected as “an opportunity to assist the county in a short period of time.”

Brown was named to the Jefferson County Quorum Court Tuesday by Gov. Mike Beebe to fill the unexpired term of the late Justice of the Peace Cleddie F. “Chief” Shock.

Brown’s appointment expires Dec. 31. He said he “might have accepted an even longer appointment because of his experience in public finance.”

Brown served for five years as finance director of the Pine Bluff School District, leaving the post in mid-2011. For the past year, he has worked with the Arkansas Public School Resource Center in Little Rock.

He said the center works with public and charter schools, consulting on issues ranging from finance to legal to technology and curriculum.

Brown said he didn’t know Shock, 87, of Pine Bluff, who died March 2. Shock, who served seven terms on the county’s legislative body, was a member of the Pine Bluff Police Department for 23 years, retiring as chief of police.

He later served as a court bailiff for 10 years after leaving the police department.

Shock did not seek re-election. Verdell Baker filed for the District 8 seat as a Democrat and Roy Agee as a Republican. The two men will face off in the Nov. 6 general election.