Voters urged to check registration information

Redistricting as a result of the 2010 Census changed the voting precincts of many voters and in some cases where they will vote on May 22, Jefferson County Clerk Patricia Royal Johnson said in a press release Monday.

Johnson recently mailed more than 40,000 notices to registered voters informing them about these changes, however if voters are concerned about possible errors on their notices, voters should contact the county clerk’s office.

The notices included the voter’s precinct, voting location, school district/zone, Arkansas Senate and House Seat Districts, district court, Justice of the Peace (Quorum Court District) and city ward (if applicable.)

“With that many changes involved, some mistakes were inevitable which is why the County Clerk is asking voters to check their post cards (notices),” Johnson said. “If the voting location raises a concern, such as being across town from where they live, voters are encouraged to contact the Clerk’s Office at (870) 541-5322.”

Johnson also said that where a voter lives determines their voting precinct which determines where they vote.

“However, if a voter was inadvertently assigned to the wrong precinct, that can be easily corrected,” she said.

Johnson is also concerned about the number of postcards that were returned as undeliverable.

“That indicates a lot of people moved and have not submitted the necessary change of address information to the Clerk’s Office. Although the deadline to register to vote in the May 22nd election was April 23, voters who are already registered to vote in Arkansas but have moved or changed their name, can visit the Clerk’s Office during regular business hours and complete a change form,” Johnson said.

Details: Call 541-5322.