Zoning board upholds official’s decision

The Pine Bluff Board of Zoning Adjustment voted unanimously in a Tuesday meeting to uphold city zoning official Lakishia Hill’s decision to issue a zoning permit for an automobile sales lot at 1601 West Second Avenue.

The decision had been appealed by Risie Howard, who argued that a car lot wasn’t permitted in a B-1 commercial zone, which is the status of the site in question. Lucky Holman, owner and developer of the site, presented a site plan and said the business would be creating some new jobs.

Howard said the car lot would be unattractive because it would be large and paved and some oak trees had already been cut down. Howard said people in the neighborhood wanted to retain the historic nature of the neighborhood.

Regional Planner Jerre George said the issue at hand was whether the zoning official had improperly issued the zoning permit. She said the property was properly zoned for the use of a car sales lot and the applicant was meeting required setbacks.

The planning staff recommended that the board uphold Hill’s decision. Board member Gordon Reese asked if the city attorney had reviewed the appeal. Hill said she and Assistant City Attorney Joe Childers had conducted a review and met with Howard. Childers was in agreement that the site was properly zoned for use as a car lot.