Zoning board to hear appeal Tuesday

The Pine Bluff Board of Zoning Adjustment will hear an appeal at 4 p.m. today of the zoning administrator’s decision to issue a permit for a car lot at 1601 West Second Avenue, on the northeast corner of University Drive and Second Avenue. The hearing will be held in the city council chambers in the civic center at 200 East Eighth Avenue.

Risie Howard is appealing the decision. The permit was issued to Lucky Holman, owner of the property involved. Planner Jerre George of the Southeast Arkansas Regional Planning and Development Department is recommending that the board uphold the administrator’s decision.

Howard, who resides in the 1300 block of West Second, is contending that the permit was issued in error because the property site is not properly zoned for a car lot and there in so access to the lot. George disagrees with these and other points of contentions raised by Howard. George states that some of Howard’s points are compliance issues, not zoning issues.

Sixty-seven residents — including members of some nearby churches — have signed forms stating their opposition to the car lot and expressing an interest “in the historic character of West Second Avenue” and opposing current zoning status designation of B-3 highway commercial for the eastern half of the lot. The remainder of the site is zoned B-1 neighborhood commercial.