Younger Wilkins not running for state legislature, at least for now

A report in a statewide newspaper Sunday that Henry “Hank” Wilkins V has decided not to seek the seat currently held by his father in the Arkansas House of Representatives is accurate, at least for now, according to the senior Wilkins.

“Since that came out, he has been deluged with calls from people asking him to reconsider, promising their support and wanting him to be their representative,” Henry Wilkins IV said Monday.”There is a possibility he might reconsider.”

The younger Wilkins is the coordinator of the Region 12 Prevention Resource Center, which provides substance abuse prevention services in Jefferson, Arkansas, Cleveland, Grant and Lincoln Counties.

His father is a former state senator currently serving his final term in the state house representing Distinct 17. His grandparents, Josetta Edwards Wilkins and Henry Wilkins III, both served in the state legislature, and an uncle, Jean C. Edwards, was a state senator.

Henry Wilkins IV said there has been a Wilkins in the legislature for five decades.

“He’s his own man and will make his own decisions but as of now, he’s not running,” Henry Wilkins IV said of his son.