Walgreens new store to open Friday

Walgreens pharmacy is opening a new store in Pine Bluff on Friday, its first since Walgreen Company purchased the Pine Bluff-based USA Drug store chain for $438 million in September 2012.

Walgreens’ store at 2503 West 28th Ave. will feature assorted items — including some groceries, health and beauty products, electronics and nutrition and seasonal items — plus pharmaceutical goods.

The USA Drug location at 2514 West 28th Ave. is closing Thursday. A Super D Express store, part of the former USA chain, will be closing its doors at 2711 South Hazel St. later this month.

To make the transition from USA Drug to Walgreens easier, the pharmacy records of former customers at the USA Drug location are being automatically transferred to the new Walgreens, according to a letter that went out to customers this week. No additional information to fill an existing prescription will be necessary because Walgreens will already have details on file.

But customers from the closing USA Drug location may also fill their prescriptions at any other Walgreens. Listings for all locations of Walgreens stores may be found online at www.walgreens.com/findastore or by telephoning 1-800-925-4733.

Walgreens is the nation’s largest drug store chain. Founder Charles R. Walgreen Sr. purchased his first drug store in 1901 in Chicago. Walgreens now counts more than 8,000 locations, including many 24-hour stores with drive-through service. The company has more than 60 sites in Arkansas.

Construction on the new store began in June 2012. The facility was projected to be 15,000 square feet and occupies the site of the former West 28th Plaza, which included The University Shop, Mimi Nails and Farmers Insurance. The three firms have relocated to The Pines mall, 25087 West 28th Ave. and 2616 West 28th Ave., respectively.